The last few days

7 Aug

We closed out our time in Mississippi this week. We thought we could get a top shot on the roof of town hall, but that didn’t come through. Instead, we adjusted. We found these kids who ride horses across the town, we found little pockets of the Old Amsterdam that still exist. Thankfully, we didn’t find any snakes! Edwards, MS began as a town we didn’t really know what to do with — could it work? do we have enough to go with? how are we going to make this happen? There were a lot of worries. But we came  in with an open mind, and we took on the town. Val, Charles Evers, Nancy, Dave, Oscar — these people we didn’t plan on finding, but we did and it made all the difference. We also had tapped into the media in a great way — two radio spots and a newspaper that really wanted to follow us. Everyone we meet always says “why would you want to film here.” Looking back on our time in MS, we had good reason to film here. Thank you to everyone in Edwards and Vicksburg that made our stay so worthwhile. We will miss you. We will miss your town.

Yesterday, a much deserved day-off came our way. We spent it, as everyone should spend days off, in New Orleans. What a town! There are trams, there is amazing coffee, there is so much music. It’s a really spectacular town. Rogier found his way to the WWII museum and an art gallery. Rob walked around the city, soaking up the life that exists. That’s really the thing that separates New Orleans from other cities — the life. The pulse of the city is always at a fever pitch. It’s incredible. The second you step inside, the music and the colors and the people grab you. It’s infectious. There is nothing small or inhibited about New Orleans, and that’s what makes it great.

Today was spent mostly driving. We did get some great shots on a ferry boat across the Mississippi. For $1, you can take it back and forth. Set up the tri-pod, shot some gorgeous pieces on the water.

In Baton Rouge right now. A gorgeous Embassy Suites hotel. Tomorrow, we have a lot to do. Sleep well. We will see you in the morning.



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