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Another place in history

4 Aug


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Yesterday, we had a radio interview with WMPR. It’s one of Mississippi’s premier radio stations, playing blues, R&B, gospel, and soul. The interview was pretty quick, but like a lot of your encounters, it became something even more special.

Charles Evers runs WMPR. Charles Evers is the brother of Medgar Evers. Medgar was a famous Civil Rights activist. His brother, Charles, was there on the front lines with him. Bobby Kennedy, Nixon, Bush, Muhammed Ali — Mr Evers knows them all. He was especially good friends with Bobby Kennedy.

Mr. Evers is a remarkable person. An independent man his whole life, he has started businesses, brought up an amazing family, and has remained an activist. 89 years of age, and he is as strong as ever. What was probably the best thing about Mr Evers was the faith he still had in this country. He believes in America. He believes in what makes it great. It’s very easy to look at how things are going, to get caught up in the media, and to become jaded. Mr Evers has seen oppression, he knows a world where he had to walk on the other side of the road simply because of his skin color. But still, he remains positive. He never gives up. It’s a testament to the human spirit.  Mr Evers is a brilliant man, a revolutionary, and despite all the hardship, he has never given up hope. If only we could all be like him.