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Vivacious Val, and other stories

2 Aug

The day isn’t over yet, but it’s already been a memorable one.

5Am wake up call, some quick muffins to get us through, and we were on the road. We met up with Dave Gray, who runs a crop dusting business. We met him yesterday, and he was just the kindest man. After some genius rigging by DP Ben, we had the camera set up in the cockpit.  Dave flew off into the skies. 11 minutes later, he touched down. We took a look at the footage. It look great. We’re trying to do a little homage to North by Northwest, and we really got it.

The next shots involved Rob and Rogier, standing by the cornfields, chatting as the plane swoops in over their heads. Ben caught some amazing footage. Who would have thought we could get a plane and utilize it for an hour? It’s amazing what you can get, if you just ask. The plane’s wheels a few feet above the filmmakers’ head, Ben grabbing the perfect angle, the Mississippi sun bursting bright — it was spectacular. It seriously looks like the POV shots from flight simulators.

After that, we headed back to JJs Lounge, the little music Gem of Edwards, and met with Vivacious Val. Now, Vivacious Val is the best. She is smart, funny, she has the greatest laugh this side of the South. She is also a brilliant singer. Her song “Hoodoo Woman” was playing in the club and…wow. Speechless. She is so beautiful and so powerful. We just HAD to interview her. Hearing her story was just eye-opening.  She is a natural storyteller. It was also a blast to have the newspaper, The Vicksburg Post, stop by.

Tomorrow, Vivacious Val will be back with us at JJs. We’re going to film her as she sings some of her greatest songs. Also, tomorrow, we head back to the airwaves to go on the radio and tell our story.