Amsterdam Iowa (Part 1)

28 Oct

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We met Ray Basset through some contacts in the Iowa area. We were told he’s a guy who knows a great deal about the area. Turns out, we weren’t wrong. He was amazing.

Ray took us to the Amsterdam Cemetery, he showed us around, and he made the whole experience of Iowa something very special.

First thing Ray said to us in an email, “You’ll notice the green sports car parked out front.” That green sports car became a huge part of our Iowa discovery. Even Rob got into it! From cars to music to food, Ray was just a wealth of knowledge. It’s always funny, how we come across these folks. Sometimes it’s by chance, sometimes just an email. However it happens, we always manage to get fantastic characters.

Banjos, toy cars, smoking dogs,  bluegrass music, British imports, tree lifts,  cemeteries, and open highways — Ray helped turn Iowa into an adventure we will never forget.


One Response to “Amsterdam Iowa (Part 1)”

  1. Ray Bassett October 28, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    I like the photo of the Town Tap and their sign, “serving beers for one hundred years”. The front of that building was, I have read, a pool hall when the building was built at “Mikesville” one mile south and 2 miles west of Kanawha. When the railroad missed Mikesville and Kanawha was platted the building was loaded onto wheels and pulled to Kanawha where it has served as a pool hall since shortly after founders day in July of 1899.

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