Think it differently

23 Oct

The last few days have been, surprisingly, rather political. Meeting Kit and Kate Mayer, we found that not only are they two amazing people, but they are incredibly political and totally focused on building their community.

Kate, who has been a teacher for decades, works tirelessly to bring out the best in her students. She gives them choices, she challenges them to think on their own, and she lets them have the freedom to pursue their true callings.

Kit, a professor of theater design, takes students across the globe, showing them all different kinds of theaters and new ways of thinking.

These two folks let us into their home, and through them, we found a renewed political spirit. We got their friends together and filmed them singing one of their fantastic political songs. We interviewed Kate, and we saw how important the youth of this world are. In the end, it’s clear that this world would be a much better place if there were more people like Kit and Kate out there.

Now in Cedar Valley, we headed to an Occupy Cedar Valley protest. Still in its baby stages, 10 tents were set up as the cold night air came. We met Tyler, a local college professor, who heads to the protest every few nights, even when he has a family of his own. Whoever thinks that the Occupy folks are just unemployed hippies would do well to meet Tyler. A worldly, educated, US History family man who wants to see change, just like everyone else.

It’s easy to let the talking heads control the dialogue. But what matters most, what more people need to see, are the people who work each day to see real change happen. It’s not in the Senate and it’s not in City Hall. It’s in the brave souls who choose to be different, who build their towns, and who make sure the future generations will be the pioneers of tomorrow.

Kit, Kate, Nancy, Brian, Mike, Tyler — you are the great ones. Keep fighting, keep making waves. We stand with you.


One Response to “Think it differently”

  1. Kate Mayer October 29, 2011 at 9:39 am #

    What a privilege it was to have all four of you, Rob, Rogier, Ben, and Matthew, in our home for those three evenings. I still shake my head as I appreciate the sheer coincidence that you all just sort of dropped out of the sky from your Amsterdam to ours. Kit and I are grateful to have had such a grand experience from four professionals so full of curiosity, creativity, humor, and a sincere love for and humanity! Thank you all and travel safe.
    Kate Mayer

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