Animals and the Environment

19 Oct

On Monday, we spent our first full day in the southwestern part of Wisconsin. We met up with Tim Jacobson, who runs the Mississippi Valley Conservancy. The MVC  is a group of amazing individuals that works to preserve the fertile lands of this area. Grasslands, blufflands — they make sure these areas remain untouched. It was such an amazing thing to meet Tim. His passion for the land and his willingness to give the people of Wisconsin the chance to experience these great lands is really unparalleled. He took us up to this fantastic mountain 500 ft above. He showed us wild animals, falcons, eagles, and he made our first day so memorable.

Speaking of animals, our hotel is covered in them. The Stoney Creek Inn in Onalaska is incredible. I hope they read this because we are huge fans. The place is covered in wood, the bedsheets are covered in portraits of bison and deer and moose. The lampshade is adorned in animal tusks, everything has this great outdoor lodge feel. There is a giant moose that welcomes you to the hotel. In the corner of the exterior, a howling wolf sits majestically upon a throne. I tried to take a picture with a giant bear statue, but no luck. It’s one of the most unique places we have been to. And it’s one of the most massive as well. It has such a great American, return-to-the-land kind of feel to it. It makes me want to go out and hunt…and I don’t even know how!



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