Night of the Hunter

15 Oct

It takes a lot to make a film. It takes dedication, a little bit of luck, and sometimes, it takes walking along the side of the road in the dead of night.

That’s what happened to us yesterday. While hanging onto the side of the car to make a shot, DP Ben lost a lens from his eyeglasses. When we finished the shot (naturally), we decided we had to go looking for them.

So, there we are, carting around handheld lights to help our way, walking down a desertedWisconsinback road. There was little hope of finding them, but we did our best. We were determined to find them, no matter how totally impossible finding a small eyeglass is in the blackest night.

As our car waited for Ben and Rob, the local sheriff arrived. He asked us what we were doing. We explained to him what happened. He was, surprisingly, very accommodating. He didn’t even try to frisk us, which was super polite of him. Filmmakers hanging off the sides of cars — he probably gets that everyday.

He, then, found our lost wanderers, Ben and Rob, along the side of the road. He helped them as they searched through the weeds and underbrush. What is it with us and strange sheriff requests?

Moral of the story. Beats me.


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