Last stop: TEXAS

13 Aug

Here we are in Texas.

When we first made our way into Texas, things didn’t look good. No one knew about the Amsterdam, everyone said it didn’t exist. No signs, no markers — nothing. We headed past Liverpool, TX, and ended up at this little river spot known as Horeshoe Bend. A lady there told us that there is no more “Amsterdam.” She said it’s now called Horseshoe Bend. We got instantly discouraged. Was this going to be like Mississippi where there is no more Amsterdam? How can we make this work? We were left with many more questions than answers.

The biggest game-changer was a contact we found — Bob Johnson. We received his information through the City of Alvin. We were told he actually lives in Amsterdam. Around coffee, we chatted “He lives in Amsterdam. That means it has to be something.” We were still not sure of what this town would bring us, but there was more hope in our hearts.

Bob met us at our hotel. We got on right away. We asked him if Amsterdam still exists. He assured us that it did.

“I live there. Been living there for 30 years.”

We took an instant sigh of relief. It exists! We have something!

We spoke  with  Bob a little bit longer. He, then, agreed to show us to his home. We drove past Liverpool, and then, took a left into his neighborhood. His neighborhood is just splendid. All the house are on stilts, each one is unique and carries its own flavor. We met his wife, Billie, who is just all-around fantastic in every way possible. We chatted more and more, they took us around the area, and soon, we started to see the shots come alive. We had our Amsterdam. The morning brought a lot of worries, the afternoon was our saving grace.

We knew, then, that Bob and Billie would be our way into Amsterdam. And, honestly, we can’t imagine two people more honest, more giving, and more fun than these two. They make this final really something amazing.

More to come…


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