Bleeding purple and gold

10 Aug

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What makes this trip one of a kind is that you never know what you’re going to find along the road. People come into your life, and they leave just as fast. When we left New Orleans, we weren’t sure what Baton Rouge would bring. We had one name: Jacqueline. She was a contact through our friend, Adelaide.

We met Jacqueline at a Starbucks. We thought she was perfect. We went to a great restaurant within the city. There, we spoke to her about how the day would go. A few hours later, we were ready to shoot. She looked just gorgeous in this blue dress. We shot her by the levees. Ben put down the dolly and we were ready to go. With Jacqueline walking across the stone and the setting sun over the Mississippi, we really caught something remarkable.

After that, Jacqueline found us a great old house where we filmed her and her husband, Johan, in a recreation of an Edward Hopper painting. Jacqueline found a great top and skirt, red and pink. Johan found a blue shirt. They looked perfect together. With the lights, the woosh of the fan — it was a brilliant evening. You look at the painting and then you look at them, there’s almost no difference.

From there, Johan and Jacqueline invited us over for dinner. That’s the thing about the South. You meet someone for a few hours, and they’re already inviting you into their home. That simply doesn’t happen back east.

The next day, Johan was able to procure some of his business associates to come down and let us take portraits of them. We got about 10- folks in total. They all were up for it. We had some reservations that we wouldn’t get enough portraits, but Johan came through.

When that was over, we drove an hour to Champagne Boat Tours. We grabbed a boat and headed out onto the bayou. The captain got out of the boat, walked over to the momma alligator and started getting it riled up. The alligator started snapping at him and hissing at him. The bayou is the kind of place that doesn’t exist anymore. The quiet, the solitude, the nature. It’s a new world, completely.

In the end, Johan and Jacqueline really opened Baton Rouge to us. It’s interesting how fast strangers can become friends. So many times, we pass by people and we forget about them. Every person we have come across has become our family. Strangers no more.


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