Georgia Clay. Watch out.

29 Jul

It was quite the day.

We began with visiting the local sheriff, Wiley Griffin, at the Decatur County Jail. We couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating person. Sheriff Griffin was amazing. He helped out with anything we asked.

First, we shot some footage of the Sheriff at his place of work. Despite the early morning Georgia gnats, we were able to get all the shots we wanted.

The big goal of the day was to head to Amsterdam Road and take some footage. One of the Sheriff’s deputies, Dana, agreed to come by and be a part of the film. By noon, we all joined up there. Sheriff also got in touch with the local media down in Tallahassee and had them come by. Caroline Gonzmart showed up. She was such a trooper through the whole thing.

Despite a rainstorm that delayed us about two hours, we made it back to the site. The first shot was a crane shot. We didn’t have a crane, so we managed to acquire a front loader. DP Ben and Rob headed onto the lift, tri-pod all good to go, and rolled camera. Somehow, we made it work. And Dana did amazing. We had her walk down the dirt road until the end of the trees. I’ll tell you, there is something special about a dirt road in Georgia, just after a downpour.

Then, it was onto the goodbye shots. The trucks headed a little further down the road, hoping for more open spaces. Well, what we found is that you can’t really compete with Georgia clay after a rainstorm. It thickens and you will get stuck. After two other rigs tried to save us, we finally got out of the car and headed back to camp. We did some work we could still do, did the goodbye shot in a different car, and waited for the clay to lessen. Finally, this guy came by and used his big truck to get us out. 30 minutes later, another rig came by and also  got the front loader home free.

You go into each day, and you never know what’s going to happen. But you make due, and soldier on. Endless thanks to Sheriff Griffin and his fantastic staff. A big thank you to the guys who came to help us out of the clay. Georgia has been one of the most memorable places we have been to.

Now, we’re on our way to Alabama. Keep a look out!


One Response to “Georgia Clay. Watch out.”

  1. wiley griffin July 31, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    Rob, Roger, Ben, and Matt. It was an interestings two days with the Boys from Belgium. My staff and I enjoyed the company with the ” gang of four ” moviemakers. However we were disappointed in Roger and Rob always eating salads instead of fried pickles and buffalo chicken wings, Learn to eat southern when you in the South boys, you can’t live forever! Hope your documentary makes millions, but don’t forget your friends back here in south Georgia ten miles from the red dirt road of Amsterdam, Ga. Good luck boys and if you get stopped speeding again hope that there is a forgiving sheriff around! Say hello to all the gang for me and wish you God Speed in the future, Sheriff Wiley.

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