23 Jul

We have made it into the heart of Georgia.

Yesterday, we became brutally aware of how hot it is down here. The country is experiencing a heat wave, and we are feeling it big-time.

We found ourselves on the Hog Farm of the Stephensons. They are lovely people. We took some shots of their farm, we tried to get the hog involved. Word of warning: 400-pound hogs are not easily tamed. Finally, we managed to get it under control and take some photos.

From there, it was off to visit the King of BBQ, Myron Mixon. He’s a friend of our DP, Ben, and he was just the best person to meet; fun, opinionated, adventurous — an all-around great guy. Wait for the interview. It’s going to be great.

More to come as we travel around Georgia, discovering all the stories that make it something special.


One Response to “Georgia”

  1. ameijerink July 25, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    If you end up near Athens, Georgia (northeast Georgia), contact me at My husband (who is from Oldenzaal) and I will be happy to give you a tour! Good luck!

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