7.19.11 Return to Amsterdam, NY

20 Jul

Today was a great one. We returned to the Amsterdam Castle, where we began our journey. We spent the morning shooting around the fabulous castle. If you have never been, you really need to go. It’s a testament to people who want to preserve such fantastic structures.

From there, we headed into town. The plan was to find a woman and shoot her near a train. We got a contact at the Walter Elwood Museum, where we met Rebecca. She was wonderful. We got her measurements, and headed off for the nearest dress shop. There, we found four dresses. When Rebecca tried them on, turns out only one of them fit. We went with that one!

We brought her to this abandon building in town and started filming there. The old building used to be a mill factory, but now, it’s nothing. However, it’s totally cinematic and we got some amazing shots. Rebecca was such a great sport about the whole thing.

As the sun grew lower, we ventured to the Amsterdam Train Station. It’s a very small little station, but trains move in and out all throughout the day. It’s a beautiful sound to hear that whistle coming. It fills the whole town. Every window catches it. Folks in town even come by to watch the train. People hold gatherings for it, too!

We shot Rebecca, and her friend, Ann, by the train station. We could only get one shot, but it was a lovely one. By the time we were prepped for the next one, it was already dark. As we drove off, the train made its way. We caught the end of its siren call as we headed onto our next adventure.

Tomorrow, we head to Georgia to begin the Southern leg of our journey.

Stay tuned!



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